Orange County rock trio Staring Into Nothing will release a brand new full-length album, titled Power, in just a few weeks on November 24.

Although shining a light on corruption and the abuse of power with heavily political lyrics and song titles like “Big Brother” and “Freedom” is a prevalent theme on the album, Power has plenty more to offer. Musically, the album leans dark with mood and weighty subject matter but the musicianship is a light that cuts through the seriousness of it all. Prog rock pioneers like Pink Floyd will immediately stand out as an influence on Staring Into Nothing’s sound, but who’s really going to have a problem with that?

While the album is a lofty journey (“Towers” itself comes in at just over 18 minutes!), there are plenty of dynamics to keep you intrigued and listening on. Power explores many corners of the rock spectrum and offers modern ideas while still being able to appeal to fans of those who spearheaded the genre in decades past.

You can check out the lyric videos for “Puritans” and “Big Brother” below and keep an eye out for the release of Power by following the band on Facebook. You can also just pre-order the album on iTunes if you can’t wait. We won’t blame you.