Video by Chris Goody

The GG-Allin of modern hip-hop, Lil Pump has thrown his mic at a fan, crashed his Corvette just a few hours after buying it, and turned 17 only a few months ago. Having already made national headlines, and placing his signature song, “Gucci Gang”, at No. 3 on Billboard Top 100 last month, Lil Pump has already made history. With “Gucci Gang” being the shortest song to make it to Billboard Top 10 since 1975, he has proven that he is here to stay and is not just an overnight viral sensation. By shifting away from lyrical dexterity and instead focusing on party culture, Lil Pump has claimed the title of being the poster child of Soundcloud Rap.

As the night drew on at Cleveland’s Agora Theatre, a sense of restlessness grew among the crowd as they awaited the arrival of Lil Pump. Once Lil Pump ran out and said “esketit”, the crowd went absolutely crazy. With phone flashlights illuminating the smoke-filled theatre, the densely packed pit was overflowing. Starting off his set with “Crazy”, I have never seen a crowd so hyped with water splashing around combined with hundreds of lights centered on Lil Pump. Followed by “Boss”, confetti and dramatic smoke cannons filled up the venue. With his signature line, “Open up the pit”, Lil Pump then got off stage and immersed himself in the crowd. As the night went on, there was not a dull moment in the slightest. With a cartoonish persona and ability to hype a crowd, Lil Pump’s show was not one to forget.

Although his set was short, at just over 30 minutes, Lil Pump has one of the most vibrant stage personalities in the current state of music. Whether it be the extravagant stage production, Lil Pump’s eccentric style, or the raw energy that is felt when he is on stage, Lil Pump is not one to sleep on.

Lil Pump: