Watch out, Stranger Things. The Dear Hunter are giving you a run for your money with their latest video


In a time where everything is available everywhere instantly it’s always refreshing when an artist takes a more selective approach to sharing new material. The Dear Hunter has never been a group associated with doing things the easy or even traditional way, but the Massachusetts based group has truly outdone themselves with the video for their new song “Blame Paradise”.

Released as the soundtrack to a short film of the same name with no mention of an album or plans for additional material, “Blame Paradise” made its way online while most of us were still recovering from our Thanksgiving dinner. The video features a tomato in blue jeans who attends high school and experiences the same awkwardly interactions we all go through while figuring out who we are. That is, before things take a turn for the truly bizarre after an octopus-like robot begins attacking the school. Can the tomato survive and win the girl? Will he look cool doing it? Click the video above to find out for yourself.

As for the music, “Blame Paradise” continues The Dear Hunter’s penchant for elaborate rock. There is a distinct eighties influence, but overall it feels like the latest progression for a band that has somehow found a way to constantly become more and more complex musically while delivering radio worthy hooks. You can sing along or sit in awe, but no one can do both.

The Dear Hunter are remaining tight-lipped about any plans for additional material, but we are hopeful that “Blame Paradise” is just the first of many new songs to come. Follow Substream on Twitter for updates.