Although experimental rockers Sea In The Sky just released their debut full-length album, Everything All At Once, they are no strangers to the scene. In fact, the band originally formed in 2012 as an instrumental quartet, but over the course of five years have released three EPs, gone through some members changes, and have evolved their sound to create music they are passionate about. Pulling inspiration from rock, jazz, and funk, the group’s ability to dance on the lines between genres is was makes their music so appealing.

Today we’re sharing the new music video from the band for “Not Too Tall, Not Too Cool.” While the video is a fun take on an alternate dimension, similar to that of Netflix’s Stranger Things, the track is attention grabbing as it’s full of soaring vocals and ambient riffs. On the video’s concept, guitarist Jakob Bray shares with us, “The video takes viewers on an eerie journey through the upside down and the shifted parallel world while capturing all the chaos and emotions regarding finding one’s sense of self.”

You can watch the music video for “Not Too Tall, Not Too Cool” below.

Sea In The Sky’s debut album, Everything All At Once, is out now. For more info, visit the band’s Facebook here.