Fickle Friends have had a busy 2017. The band from Brighton, England have dropped a steady stream of singles and videos centered around their second EP, Glue. They also appeared in the pages of Substream #56. They’re not slowing down as 2018 approaches, either. Today Fickle Friends released another new single called “Hard To Be Myself,” and it’s perfect for all the wallflowers out there.

Musically, “Hard To Be Myself” is everything you’ve come to expect from Fickle Friends. It’s an incredibly fun track, with Natti Shiner’s keyboard serving as the centerpiece of a party rock instrumental that’s oozing with character and danceable moments.

The lyrics aren’t your average party song anthem, though. Instead, Shiner sings about not being sure of herself in that all-night, raging party setting. In a press release, Shiner explained “‘Hard To Be Myself’ is a song about social awkwardness and anxiety. It is about wanting to be someone else so desperately and dreaming you were the life of the party. It’s the idea that a certain person can kind of loosen your senses and lower your inhibitions just like drinking alcohol.”

You can listen to the track below. Fickle Friends have done a ton this year, and 2018 is shaping up to be even bigger for them. If you’re smart, they’re a band that you’ll keep your eye on going forward.