There is a track on Royal Blood’s most recent album titled “I Only Lie When I Love You”. As far as we’re concerned that song is one of the best works of art to be released this year, and it’s just one of many incredible songs found on How Did We Get So Dark. The title also a phrase we use a lot around Substream, as we often find ourselves looking for clever ways to further emphasize our already outspoken love of artists on the rise. We’re not liars in the traditional sense, but we do try our best to make the musicians we love sound like the most important creative minds on Earth.

Recently, we sent photographer Lindsay Davis to Ohio in order to capture the madness and unfiltered rock goodness that is Royal Blood in concert. The band is currently traveling the country as support for Queens Of The Stone Age and we’re more than happy to report they did not disappoint. You can view a selection of Lindsay’s images from the show below.

Royal Blood are a UK based rock band, which means opportunities to see them perform stateside can often be few and far between. If you see the duo making plans for a show near you we can tell you enough the their live show is worth the price of admission. Even if you have to cancel work or an important date with the person you love to be there – it’s worth it. Do not miss this band.

Royal Blood

Queens of the Stone Age

New to Royal Blood? Watch “I Only Lie When I Love You” now: