The latest single from Staircase Spirits further emphasizes the duo’s undeniable talent.

There are many kinds of love in this world, but the way we experience love can typically be boiled down into either things we feel or thing we say. While both can make us feel good and help us to express our own emotions, hearing talk of love almost never leaves the kind of lasting impact felt from feeling the sensation of love in one of life’s perfect moments. Those moments are rare, and even when they pass they linger in our minds for days, weeks, or even years after.

California dup Staircase Spirits understand these fleeting moments all too well. Throughout their career they have told us about the problems that arise when love turns sour, but on their new single “California Winter” we hear about the other side of the coin. Against a wall of solid rock goodness vocalist Anna Maria Acosta details one of those nights you wish will never end, when everything that troubles you slides off your back and you become completely lost in the time spent with someone else. Those are the instances in life we all seek, and now Staircase Spirits have perfectly captured the mood inside those moments with this latest single.

You can stream the world premiere of “California Winter” below:

Speaking about the inspiration behind “California Winter,” Acosta told us:

“”California Winter” is to Love Stories what “That Night” was to Ghost Stories, but a year older and wiser. The latter was obsessed with the idea of labeling love, with the idea that those three words are everything. Instead, the former is a love song that isn’t about the words “I love you”, but instead is about the moments where that feeling exists, even if you don’t see a way for it to go the distance. I wrote it about the first relationship after escaping my abusive one – about that feeling of pure second chances that I never really believed I was going to get. Ultimately, even as I wrote it I think I recognized that she wasn’t ready, and I wasn’t ready, and so it felt all the more important to capture that while it was still in front of me.”

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