The third single off their upcoming album, Hellebores, NIIGHTS latest song “Generator” is a dream-pop anthem that is too easy to get lost in. Wrapped in ethereal vocals and guitar riifs that effortlessly glide through the track, “Generator” is sonically lush, textural dream-pop that could be the love-child of The Sundays and The Cure.

Jenna Fournier, the lead singer of NIIGHTS, discloses that while the song was authored in third person, she was writing about her own efforts to save herself from a self-destructive and depressive nature that gets amplified when she becomes overwhelmed with the demands and pressures of life.


01 “Generator”

02 “So Into You”

03 “Trail Of Blood”

04 “Stars”

05 “Keyhole”

06 “It Was”

07 “Hellebores”

08 “With Bated Breath”

09 “Sylvia”

10 “Caterpillar”

Hellebores is out in February via Sun Pedal Recordings, but you can get it early by pre-ordering it here.