Less than a month after releasing their new EP the members of Lokella have delivered their best video to date.

Making a name for yourself in music today is hard. People have been saying similar things about the industry for decades, but in the digital age where every song ever is available with a few clicks it has never been more true than right now. Lokella know this first hand. As one of the premiere rock bands in the midwest, the group has had to fight tooth and nail to get ahead since forming in the latter half of 2016. They still have a way to go before they become a household name, but their new single will certainly help them get ahead.

“Moon Eyes” is the second track to receive a promotional push from Lokella in recent months. The song has the kind of entrancing sound you might expect to find on a Circa Survive or Deftones record, only here it’s a bit more infectious because of the smooth vocals delivered by singer Jennifer Bartlett. Her voice, coupled with the band’s swirling instrumentation, creates a vortex of rock goodness no one able to hear can escape (nor would they want to).

The video for “Moon Eyes,” which debuted online earlier today, finds the band performing in rooms of a gorgeous house. According to the video’s description, the group found the home on AirBNB and convinced the renter to let the film in it. You can view the visuals above.

Lokella will be supporting their recently release Shedding Skin EP throughout the fall. Head over to Facebook to learn when and where you can see them live.