While it was undoubtedly a summer album, we’ve still been playing Lana Del Rey‘s Lust For Life nonstop as the weather cools. As stated in our review of the album, it combines the music we love from Del Rey with the hope we need in difficult times. Del Rey also has a penchant for releasing fantastic music videos, and today we received a new one from the singer. Strap in for the “White Mustang” video.

The new video continues the theme from many of the visuals for Lust For Life, combining mid-20th century aesthetics with futuristic technology. In the video Del Rey lives with an aspiring musician, but all is not well. It seems that this musician is neglecting Del Rey in favor of his friends and his career, ignoring her as he works on a cool holographic screen. Del Rey climbs in a car and races off into the neon-lit city before her lover realizes his mistake and chases after her. It’s a dreamy, inspired video that fits the song.

You can watch the video for “White Mustang” above. If you have yet to listen to Lust For Life, we highly recommend changing that.