Bright colors are great. A lot can be done with muted tones, but there’s something about those vibrant hues that can turn your day around just by looking at them. It also helps when those vibrant hues are attached to a new St. Vincent release. In this case, we’re talking about the music video for “New York,” the single the singer dropped earlier in the summer. The video for said single was released this morning, and it’s the most colorful thing you’re going to see all day.

Directed by Alex Da Corte, the video finds St. Vincent set against a number of small sets, all painted in ways to catch the eye. Over the course of the video there’s a swan, a shopping area, a giant cube that St. Vincent lounges in, and a light-up floor piano mat that we want in our office immediately. The video is a moving counterpoint to the song, which is the melancholy tale of a friend leaving the titular city behind.

With a new single and video, we’re hopeful that more music from St. Vincent is on the way soon. We’ll keep you updated if anything happens.