Last year Netflix released a new season of British anthology Black Mirror, the third overall and the first since Netflix acquired the show. Double the length of the first two seasons, the six episodes Netflix made were just as effective as the original run in showcasing the possible wonders and perils of technology. It looks like fans won’t have to wait much longer for more, as Netflix released a video showcasing the episode names for the fourth run of the series.

Once again there are six episodes with wildly different stories to tell. “Crocodile” shows a group of women appearing to travel in a snow covered tundra. “Arkangel” shows a young girl getting some sort of injection, followed by conflict between her and her mother. “Hang The DJ” looks like it could be a referendum on Tinder and the gamification of online dating. “USS Callister” is clearly an homage to Star Trek with more horror. “Metalhead” is a black and white tale of robots gone wrong. Finally, “Black Museum” is a creepy looking tale taking place in the titular museum in a desert.

There’s no release date for the new season of Black Mirror yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as there is.