Citizen reach artistic high point with “In The Middle Of It All”

There are few things in life more rewarding than watching an artist or group you love evolve into something the world at large cannot deny. Fans of Michigan rock band Citizen have been able to witness just that, as the underground alternative heroes have risen through the ranks to become a band whose talent no one can deny. Anyone needing proof that this is true need look no further than the band’s new video for “In The Middle Of It All,” which marks an artistic high point for a band that continues to improve with each passing day.

In the Christopher Good directed video, which you can view above, a surreal story plays out involving a young woman working to complete a to-do list in between visits to a strange object in the woods. As she tries on different looks and lifestyles the object in the woods begins to change, and each time she visits it she tears it apart until one time – after many of her dreams have been fulfilled – she finds the object has disappeared.

From the open-ended visuals, to the crunchy sound of the guitars when the chorus hits, everything about “In The Middle Of It All” emphasizes the continued growth of Citizen. They are not simply improving as band, but as a brand as well. Their latest material is their most polished to date, offering the best version of the sound they have been delivering since beginning their journey in 2009. We have yet to hear their upcoming album in full, but based on what we have heard so far it seems hard to imagine As You Please letting anyone down.

Run For Cover Records will release As You Please on October 6. Click here to view pre-order bundles and show your support for this awesome rock band.