Just yesterday PVRIS released “Anyone Else,” the fifth track from their album All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell. Unlike the previous releases, this one didn’t immediately release with a visual component to it. It turns out we just needed to wait a day. Earlier this morning PVRIS shared the music video for “Anyone Else” (via Out).

Like the rest of their video output, this takes place in a creepy Victorian hotel. Lynn Gunn, Alex Babinski, and Brian MacDonald each enter separate rooms, each with a different painting. As the song progresses, the paintings come to life and enter the real world. Babinski’s begins to shoot water, MacDonald’s is full of plant life, and Gunn’s produces a woman whom Gunn proceeds to share some intense choreography with. There are also spinning chairs and other supernatural occurrences throughout. As the video reaches its climax a question emerges: if things can come out of the paintings, can things go back in as well?

We’re now just two days away from the release of AWKOHAWNOH through Rise Records, but it’s still not too late to pre-order the album. In the meantime, spend all day watching all of the new music videos because you deserve it.