Would Brand New be Brand New if they didn’t share major news about their plans with absolutely no hints beforehand? We don’t think so. It was just last year that they teased through merch that they might not be a band by the end of next year. Today was just the latest chapter in bombshells from the band, as they announced a new album coming in October and a fall tour starting next month.

The album has no name at this point, with the band simply announcing “LP5” is coming. A link was provided to pre-order a “very limited” vinyl release on the album, which as of this writing is already sold out. There’s no word if it will be restocked, or if the album will be available in other formats.

Also in Brand New fashion, the tour only features 10 US dates that run through the end of October. From there they play three dates in the UK. Pre-sale for those have also begun, but like the album many have already sold out.

Check out the list of tour dates below. If Brand New gives any more indication of what they’re doing or what their plans are, we’ll let you know.

brand new tour LP5