It’s always cool when an artist combines a second form of media to tell the story of an album. It could be a series of music videos that all follow the same set of characters, or some even go all out and create stage plays or musicals. In the case of Lights, her chosen medium is comic books, and we get to see how she works with that creative outlet in the video for single “Skydiving” off her upcoming album, Skin & Earth.

The video begins with Lights working on her tablet as her comic comes to life. Lyrics appear as text bubbles and boxes in the comic, and we see the comic go from just a few rough lines to the finished product. Lights also spends some time in person near a quiet stream that’s also featured prominently in the comic, bringing the “Earth” part into it.

The first issue of the Skin & Earth comics is available right now, with the remaining five issues and the album coming later in the year. Lights will also be joining PVRIS on their tour in September and October, so get ready to see or hear Lights wherever you may go.