KAYE encourages you to be who you are on “Cheshire Kitten”

kaye press
Credit: Attis Clopton

A lot of powerful women have been in the news recently. In music, in activism, or in government, more women getting a seat at the table and being unapologetically themselves is never a bad thing. Those women have a new song of solidarity today, as KAYE unveilved her new single “Cheshire Kitten” (via PopCrush).

The lyrics allude heavily to Alice In Wonderland as KAYE likens women who can be whatever they want to be and multifaceted to the constantly changing Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll’s novel. The wonderfully funky, dense music alongside a great use of backing vocals might make you feel like you’ve stumbled into Wonderland yourself.

You can listen to “Cheshire Kitten” below. A press release that went out indicated a video for the track is coming in the near future, alongside other news. Keep checking back in for updates.