A couple weeks back we brought you a premiere from Maryland band The Flat Stanleys. In the time since not a single day has passed without someone sharing that post or sending us a message informing us that the premiere helped them discover one of their new favorite bands. We couldn’t be happier to see the world start to notice The Flat Stanleys, which is why we have partnered with them once again to host the world premiere of their new EP, Dancing To Dad Rock.

Featuring four tracks that touch on the realities of growing up, the pain of loss, and the fact the sun will continue to rise despite whatever good or bad things happened the previous day, Dancing To Dad Rock is yet another fine example of why The Flat Stanleys are quickly becoming an obsession amongst fans of alternative music. The band plays a style of folk-punk that brings to mind The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball, and Sledding With Tigers, only filtered through a perspective that is decidedly unique unto the group. You can stream the new EP in full below.

To accompany the premiere, The Flat Stanleys asked us to share the following message with our readers:

”More than anything, this record indicates progress to us. it’s definitely our most honest and thought out project to date. additionally, it’s a type of conviction we plan on bringing to our future records.”

We know The Flat Stanleys were onto something special when we first heard their music earlier this year. The material found on Dancing To Dad Rock finds a perfect balance between entertainment and confessional, providing listeners with excuses a plenty to cry or dance along as they see fit. Perhaps more importantly, even when things are at their darkest thematically the band still finds a way to instill a sense of hope that lingers long after the music has stopped. We need more of that hopefulness in the world today.

Dancing To Dad Rock will officially be released this Friday, July 7. The Flat Stanleys are planning to celebrate the EP with a tour of the Eastern US that kicks off Friday night in Maryland before stretching as far West as Des Moines. Dates for the run are as follows:

Flat Stanleys Tour Dancing to dad rock