Vacances, which consists of sole member Danny Lannon, hasn’t been around for very long, but in the short time since forming (January 2016), Lannon has cultivated quite the following with his unique blend of indie pop. The Toronto resident, by way of Brooklyn via the Bay Area, pulls influences from every aspect of his life and the culture that has surrounded him for years as a musician.

Today, we are excited to premiere a new track from Vacances called “Never Give Up.” The song is cool and easy listening, channeling the ghost of Joy Division and mixing it with the modern influence of Beach House. It’s a sound that’s gaining momentum in the music world and comes accompanied by the aesthetic of millennial pink, which appears as the main color on the “Never Give Up” single art.

When asked about the track, Lannon said:

“‘Never Give Up’ started as a song about two years ago with my friend and old bandmate Rahi. I’ve always loved the song and had some of the ideas ready but it just never got there. I was sitting around at home going through old demos (which I often do) and came across it. I asked him if I could repurpose and switch it up a little and he was cool with it. So Alex and I took it and turned into something a little different while keeping a lot of the bones. I’m really happy with how it came out and the process was a bit different than normal. It’s always great to see a song come back to life even a couple years later. Really happy that it’s seeing the light of day. Hence the title ‘Never Give Up.'”

Stream “Never Give Up” below.