It’s long been known that music is one of the best coping devices during hard times. Whether it’s listening to a song that makes you happy or writing a song to let out all the feelings bottled up inside, music has a way of healing. No one knows this better than Y’shua Ortiz-Escobedo, vocalist/guitarist of Orlando post-rock band Letters To Part.

After the passing of his cousin in 2010, Ortiz-Escobedo used music to document his grieving process. The collection of songs he wrote resulted in Letters To Part’s first EP in 2012. Now five years later, the band–also consisting of  Hunter Gelsen (guitar), Dustyn Murphy (drums), and Chris Ramos (bass)–is preparing for the release of their debut full-length album, A Human Curse, due out July 7 via Wilhelm Records.

Recorded at Iceman Studios with Daniel Colombo, the album chronicles intense struggles from gambling to self harm. Sonically, A Human Curse contains building verses and big reveals on choruses.

When asked about the album, the band said:

“A HUMAN CURSE is a story about understanding true heartache, and trying to cope. Through vices that we all use. Trying to relieve some sort of symptom.”

Check out the track by track and stream of the album below.


• The intro is about acknowledging a lose of hope. Realizing failure and letting it sink in.

“Olde English”
• A setting in which the mind is playing tricks on itself. By trying to change something that won’t move, and realizing there is no gain. Just wasted effort (at this time)
“Altered Ego”
• This song in particular is about being on a vice and realizing the contradictory in the others self.
“Six Months”
• Is about abusing the one you love while torn between your past. Leaving them alone in a pregnancy that leads to a miscarriage. Adding to a human curse.
“A Human Curse// Disturbing Behavior” 
• is about sinking to a low and taking more meds then needed. Leading to an overdose// overdosing and realizing you want to live.
•feeling groggy from the events prior. You start to realize self worth. Understanding the goals ahead and not looking back at the past.
•going to therapy and being prescribed to another medication. Seeing how it’s all a
Vicious cycle.
“Richard Scary”

• evaluating everything and seeing growing up is a mess at times but worth it.

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