Amanda Markley didn’t grow up wanting to be a musician, at least not as a first-choice career path. Instead, the now singer-songwriter was training to become an Olympic calibre horseback rider, but a spinal cord injury caused her to slow down and reevaluate her training. It was then that Markley began to chronicle her thoughts and dreams into a journal, which eventually led her to writing music and discovering a new passion.

Recently, Markley has been working on new songs with Cartel’s Will Pugh in Nashville. And today, we are excited to premiere “Ways To Go,” a song from the collection that Pugh not only produced but also sings on with Markley. The stunning piano driven duet is sung from dual points of view and chronicles the ups and downs of a relationship. Markley and Pugh’s voices intertwine flawlessly to create a beautiful duet that you won’t soon forget.

When asked about the song, Markley said:

“Recording ‘Ways to Go’ was an amazing experience because it was the first time I got to work with Will Pugh from Cartel. Not only did he produce the song, but he also sings on it as a duet. The song has a good message because it’s about getting through the ups and downs of a relationship and how life is always a journey.”

Pugh is equally excited about the track, saying: “Tracking with Amanda was such a good time! I was honored to be able to sing on ‘Ways To Go.”

Stream “Ways To Go” below.