What makes a man? Perhaps more importantly, what defines a man in the digital age? Do the masculine stereotypes of the past still hold weight in today’s culture, or have we moved on to some new, perhaps enlightened understanding of the human male? I don’t have the answers, nor do I think the members of The Killers do, but I do know a catchy song with a video that explores this very idea.

“The Man” is the first single the men of The Killers have released in years. It also happens to be the first defiantly disco song of the 2010s, and it packs such an infectious punch I am starting to believe that investing in bellbottoms might not be the worst decision one could make in this wildly unpredictable year. The video for the song dropped today, and as you have no doubt seen already it features frontman Brandon Flowers stepping into various version of the classic masculine stereotype. It’s a creative video that reminds us why these Vegas bad boys have been pop mainstays for over a decade, and it might just make you believe in disco again as well.

It should come as no surprise that The Killers are only going to continue ramping up their presence in pop culture as this year carries on. Expect more songs, tour dates, and everything else to follow in the months ahead.