Happy June! The sun is out, the birds are singing, the breeze is blowing, and there’s new music to enjoy. More specifically, the Foo Fighters have surprised everyone by dropping a new track out of the blue today. The track is called “Run,” and there’s even a music video to go with it.

The track begins softly with a gently strummed guitar over Dave Grohl’s subdued vocals. But it’s the Foo Fighters, so things don’t stay that way for long. The song kicks into high gear with some super heavy riffs, crashing drums, and Grohl mixing in some screams with the vocals. The video was also directed by Groh, and finds the band in old man makeup in a nursing home. When the performance starts, the residents of the home get a little wild.

Could this lead to an album announcement or is it just a one-off single? Either way, we’re happy to have new Foo Fighters music in our lives.