In February, we shared the first teaser for It Comes At Night, a new horror film from everyone’s favorite movie studio, A24. The first teaser was pretty light on plot details, more focusing on imagery, including a bright red door. Today, a full trailer for the movie was released that gives us a little more context on everything.

Joel Edgerton is Paul, a man who has lived in seclusion ever since a mysterious illness swept over the population. As the trailer starts, we see him taking in a new family that lives with him and going over the ground rules. Whatever’s out there forces the survivors to travel in groups for safety and prohibits any activity at night. For this reason, Paul keeps the only door outside locked and sealed, and that door is the red door from the earlier trailer. Of course, the door is opened, and the black goo causing sickness makes its way inside.

NOTE: For any of our readers prone to seizures from photosensitive epilepsy, the trailer contains strobe light effects from 2:00 to 2:04.

Trey Edward Shults wrote and directed the film, and his same role with the highly disturbing Krisha indicates we’re in for a terrifying time. It Comes At Night is out on June 9.