It’s safe to say our current political climate is, to choose a few words, unusual, fraught and tense. If political drama is what you want and you’d like to hide in the comfort of said drama happening in a fictional world, Netflix has you covered. The streaming service released the trailer for the fifth season of House of Cards today, and the Underwoods haven’t changed a bit.

Season 5 will pick up where Season 4 left off with President Frank Underwood and his running mate and wife Claire in a contentious race with Republican candidate Will Conway. The trailer is mostly narration from Frank, as he expounds upon his contempt for the average person and explains that they need a strong guiding hand to know what to do. Namely, the strong guiding hand of an Underwood. As the action ramps up, Frank begins to list election years, revealing his plans for a political dynasty before ending on a foreboding campaign slogan: “One Nation, Underwood.”

House of Cards will return to Netflix for its fifth season on May 30.