Reggie Sudduth II, a Denver artist who creates unique musical output under the banner of Meanr Mynr, is releasing a brand new three-track EP this Friday, May 19. Combining live and electronic work, The Compound should immediately appeal to fans of acts like Ratatat and the Glitch Mob as Sudduth brings together indie guitar riffs with electronic beats and sequences for mostly chill-out vibes that often verge on the edge of trippy. The entire EP was mixed, produced, and recorded by Sudduth himself.

Getting a bit of a late start in the music world, Sudduth began working as a session bassist and guitarist for local rock bands and hip-hop artists before eventually forming his own progressive rock band, Infinite Exactitude. So, considering his roots as a musician, the evolution into producing his own work as Meanr Mynr really makes perfect sense. You can hear all of those elements marry on The Compound.

Below, you can hear the EP’s first two tracks, “Soul Out” and “Blasé,” before the official release at the end of the week. Pre-order a digital copy through Bandcamp if you feel so inclined.