There is nothing quite like the rush of excitement that fills every fiber of your being when a new talent first greets your ears. As far as we’re concerned there is no band more likely to change your life this week than Locals Only, a fast-rising group that blends rock, pop, and punk to create an intoxicating sound that we know you are going to love.

Today, Locals Only properly introduced themselves to the world at large by releasing their official video for “You’re Sick,” a song that has been quickly gained quite a strong following online. The track embodies the act of growing up as few anthems can, with references to growing up and moving on from the things in your life that held you down. It’s about getting high on nostalgia with the understanding you can never go back and being okay with that fact because everything and everyone has already changed. Locals Only have found a way to take several of the hardest truths of youth and channeled them into a singular anthem that is hard to resist.

The video itself isn’t too shabby either. With beautiful performance footage and an intimate look at the band when they’re simply being humans, it’s hard to imagine approach to this clip that would have showcased the band any better. Here we see them, hear them, and connect to them because there is something either on screen or in the song we relate to on a deeply personal level.

Locals Only are hoping the success of “You’re Sick” carries into the summer, which will be busy with the group performing on every date of Warped Tour 2017. The band will also appear at Emo Nite LA tonight, May 2.

If you want even more from Locals Only you can stream their self-titled debut release on Spotify right now.