Just before the turn of the year we brought you the first trailer for The Mummy, the first in Universal’s planned franchise of monster reboot films. The trailer gave us an inkling of the fight between Tom Cruise’s Nick Morton and Sofia Boutella as the mummy Ahmanet. A second trailer dropped over the weekend and has given us more insight into the film’s story.

Morton and his crew find Ahmanet sealed away after a gunfight with some local mercenaries. Of course she was sealed away for a reason, seeing as she murdered the pharaoh in exchange for dark powers. For her crime she was wrapped up and entombed alive, which really isn’t how mummification works but whatever works for sealing away evil. She ends up pretty angry about the whole thing. She also clearly has plans for Morton, as she brings him back from the dead and proceeds to really mess his day up by engaging in some classic jump scare techniques in between bouts of attacking London and summoning undead minions.

Find the new trailer below. The Mummy arrives during peak summer movie season with a release date of April 9.