Emma Harvey and Kel Taylor make up the Nashville-based, indie pop duo Sawyer, and not only are they best friends, but they’re also an incredible songwriting team. Without even putting out a collective body of work, the duo has amassed a loyal following in the Nashville area and beyond–even touring the Pacific Northwest last summer and selling out headlining shows.

Harvey and Taylor have once again added a phenomenal piece of music to their growing collection with “Next Time,” a song that details the giddy feelings that come along with having a crush. Their soft and sweet vocal harmonies mixed with fun yet emotional lyrics will surely make any listener ask for more from these Southern sweethearts.

We caught up with Harvey and Taylor to find out what the song means to them:
“When you’re crushing and suddenly forget how to say words. Add a beat that makes you stank face and that’s pretty much ‘Next Time.” – Emma Harvey
“Essentially it’s the moment when you’d rather be 10 years old and just pass a note that says  “you like like me? Check yes or no” rather than actually saying anything. We wrote this over a what felt like 6 months probably because it was so much fun to fixate on the absolute middle school feelings that you can’t grow out of!” – Kel Taylor
Stream the single below, and then go buy it on iTunes so you can sing along for the rest of eternity!