The only thing worse than the feeling of unrequited love is the voice that tells you maybe you are not deserving of love. After all, we’re all wrecks in our own way, and many feel those who care enough to show us affection should be shielded from the torture we bring upon ourselves. Some will say that is not our decision to make, and that those who love us will choose to stay if they decide, but that doesn’t change the way we feel in those moments. Ferris & Sylvester get this, which is probably why their new song, “Save Yourself,” is so great.

A simple acoustic ballad with both members sharing vocal duties, “Save Yourself” is a song that asks us to break their heart before they break ours. It’s the kind of self-sacrifice that stems from a lack of belief in one’s ability to not screw up the good things in their life. We’ve all been there, and it’s likely we will be there again, but with this song, at least we don’t have to feel so alone.

Regarding the video, which you can view above, Ferris & Sylvester say:

“We shot the video for ‘Save Yourself’ with Ben Radcliffe on a cold day on the bandstand in Battersea Park. The two of us also filmed parts on our own on a Cornish beach, freezing our fingers off on New Year’s Day. We wanted to make our first video as personal as possible so we filmed it in our favourite spots. It is completely raw and honest. We had a great time with it and Ben did an amazing job in capturing the feel of the song.”

Ferris & Sylvester are touring Ireland with Áine Cahill throughout April and May. The pair will also play The Islington, London on May 2nd. Full Ferris & Sylvester tour dates can be found below:

5/2 – London, The Islington
5/4 – Dundalk, Spirit Store (w) Áine Cahill
5/5 – Galway, The Loft (w) Áine Cahill
5/6 – Limerick, Dolan’s upstairs (w) Áine Cahill
5/7 – Kilkenny, Set Theatre (w) Áine Cahill
5/25 – London, The Harrison
6/8 – London, The Green Note
7/12 – London, The Half Moon