Minus The Bear played a packed show in Chicago last week in support of their latest release, VOIDS, their first full-length in five years. With support acts Beach Slang and Bayonne, this show was nothing short of stellar.

Bayonne opened the show, peaking the audience’s interest with something a little different and experimental by looping instrumentals and vocals.

Beach Slang followed and picked up the pace of the show. Frontman James Alex created a friendly rapport with the audience throughout the show, making it seem almost like an intimate floor show instead of a large venue.

Minus The Bear took the stage at 10pm, lit up in a blueish purple hue by lights, and opened up with “Last Kiss” off of VOIDS, followed by “Give & Take,” “Knights,” and “Into The Mirror.” The full set was 18 songs, including the encore of “White Mystery,” “Invisible,” and “Pachuca Sunrise.”