The age of access is a beautiful thing, but one unintended consequence of living in the streaming era is that it takes more and more for something to really move the average music listener. Diehard music fans, like you and I, consume more music on any given day than people living a hundred years ago were likely to have heard in their lifetime. We may love it all, but when was the last time a song or band or record really moved you to action? What was the last piece of music to rattle your soul and make you feel a little less alone in the universe?

The music of Minneapolis duo Tiny Deaths is that cause for pause we all desire. To hear their new LP Elegies is to find the proper excuse for abandoning the woes of the world and making a little time for yourself. It’s the spiritual cleansing you’ve been needing delivered in the form of a lush, often hypnotic world of indie pop-rock record. Claire de Lune’s vocals may legitimately be the cure for whatever ails. Try the LP for yourself below. If you don’t immediately feel the effects repeat usage until the fog in your mind clears:

When asked about the record, Tiny Deaths told us the following:

“An elegy is a poem or song one writes in mourning, typically to mourn a death. In this case, we’re using it as a metaphor, these songs are elegies to a relationship, to a time. It’s about the grieving process for a relationship, which sometimes starts before it’s even over, when you realize it isn’t going to work out. I think we’re quick as a society to think of a relationship that doesn’t last forever as a failure—but that’s dangerous. Nothing is built to last, most things don’t last forever. It’s the experiences, what we get out of them, and how they change us indelibly, that really matter.”

Elegies arrives on iTunes tomorrow, February 3. Tiny Deaths will be celebrating the release of Elegies with a performance at Icehouse in Minneapolis on February 10. Click here for details and ticket information.