A24 has given us plenty of great horror films. Last year gave us The Witch and Green Room, and we recently showed you the trailer for The Blackcoat’s Daughter as well. In August A24 will give us another fright with It Comes At Night, and the trailer alone might be the best horror movie of 2017.

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The film stars Joel Edgerton and Riley Keough as members of a family staying in a cabin in the woods. It seems that something has happened to a character named Stanley that has caused everyone else to lock him away. As the camera moves down a dimly lit hallway, the characters discuss what to do about Stanley and come to the horrifying realization that the door behind which he is kept was opened by an unknown force. As the camera approaches the bright red door, we get shots of various characters in gas masks and a quick shot of a very sick man who may be Stanley, all while Keough’s character repeats that everything is okay with less and less certainty. Watch the spooky teaser here:

It Comes At Night was written and directed by Trey Edward Shults, the man behind 2016’s Krisha. His new film will be haunting theaters starting on August 25.