As I look outside my office window this afternoon I am greeted by freezing temperatures and falling snow. The news is claiming that the drive home is going to be one of the worst of the season, and my wife has already texted me to say she expects to be late arriving home. To say I am over winter is an understatement, but I have been able to power through even the worst days as of late thanks to the shimmering pop of Ohio based group CLUBHOUSE.

What’s that? You are not familiar with CLUBHOUSE? Don’t worry. We have you covered with the premiere of a brand new song that is sure to make the group a name you watch all year long.

Written about a terrible tragedy involving a close friend, “Kyra” plays like the soundtrack to an evening of deep introspection and long car rides on empty highways. There is a driving, pulsating tempo to the whole affair that begs you to keep going even when times get tough because you never know how much time you have on this blue ball we call planet Earth. You can stream the song below:

Speaking to the creation of “Kyra,” CLUBHOUSE tells Substream:

“’Kyra’ is about a friend of Max’s who passed away about a year ago. It’s about that frustrating feeling you get trying to come to terms with losing someone, but also about celebrating their life. We’re getting to a point in our lives where some seriously life-changing things are happening, and we wrote this to help come to terms with that. We wanted it to have a melancholic but upbeat feel, to represent the conflicting feelings during these times.”

We expect big things from CLUBHOUSE in the months ahead. If you enjoy “Kyra” we recommend following the group on Facebook.