Kids That Fly deliver their self-produced single “Little Bit of Time” drawing inspiration from the ‘80s synth-pop new wave era. 


The band has also announced that their forthcoming EP, Dead Beat City, is set to drop on Friday, October 4. With its infectious danceable beats, electrifying synthesizers, and anthemic tracks, the record “is the ideal soundtrack for a nighttime drive through 1984 Miami,” vocalist Nick Smeriglio shares.

“‘Little Bit of Time’ was mostly written during a single recording session,” Nick explains. “It sat in limbo for a long time because we didn’t think it fit with the Kids That Fly style; we thought it was too ‘pop.’ We considered sending it off for sync instead because we liked the beat and melody so much. After listening to it for a while, we finally decided it was too good not to release. We had a lot of fun putting it together… it’s our first real attempt at the pop genre, with a modern twist on ‘80s new wave.”

“It’s definitely helped us expand our musical horizons,” Nick continues. “The lyrics tell the story of hesitant romantics — one eager to pursue the relationship while the other isn’t ready to move forward.” Reflecting on the ‘80s nostalgia of Dead Beat City, Nick explains, “We began recording the project with the ‘Feel it Love,’ which naturally evolved into a modern ‘80s rock song. Embracing that ‘80s vibe, we revived several older songs that fit into that pop/rock space, and the theme organically came together.”

With bittersweet emotions woven into the music, the inspiration for the EP title stems from Nick and Braden’s adjustment to living in the industrial pocket of Williamsburg/Bushwick Brooklyn. “It encapsulates our mixed feelings about the city,” Nick explains. “The city has changed a lot since the pandemic; many locals left and never returned. But not all feelings are negative — recording and gigging here is always a blast. NYC’s energy is hard to match.”

The lead single “Feel it Love” (released February 9, 2024), “Little Bit of Time” (released June 26, 2024) “Drive,” and the other tracks on the EP are all influenced by ‘80s alternative music, aiming to bridge the gap between ‘80s styles and modern alternative pop/rock sounds. “This EP is the ideal soundtrack for a nighttime drive through 1984 Miami,” Nick says. “In all seriousness, though, it blends styles ranging from ‘80s synth pop to ‘80s hair-band rock, with a touch of modern garage rock like The Strokes. Our aim was to craft a nostalgic yet fresh sound by fusing elements of ‘80s rock/pop with modern alternative music.”

With most of the band members having grown up in Connecticut, Nick Smeriglio (vocals/guitar), Blake Henry(guitar/synth), Braden Frandino (bass/vocals), and Will Hetherington (drums) have been deeply influenced by local musicians such as Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and MGMT. Their varied musical tastes, spanning bands like The Black Keys, The 1975, The Killers, and Catfish and the Bottlemen, have rooted them in an alternative pop/rock sound.

For more on Kids That Fly, check out their website HERE.