Today, rising country maverick Ella Langley has announced that her debut album, hungover, will be released on August 2nd.

Alongside the album announcement news, Langley has revealed that she will be releasing the title-track, “hungover,” this Friday, June 7th. 

To further celebrate the announcement, Langley has shared a stunning trailer via social media that features a poem that was written by her with her mother Heather. Check out the trailer below, as well as the transcript.

hungover. the monologue.

these stories

this moment





taking a breath

looking back

you’ve made it through

laughing at your choices

crying over your mistakes

realizing the thing you want

isn’t the thing you need

living fully

finding your confidence

regretting your choices

fiercely standing up for yourself

making it through heartbreak

not taking yourself so seriously

learning your self-worth

being your own worst enemy

turning the page

true love

growing out of the person you were

into the person you are now

growth is painful

growth is hard

it is beautiful

and it can leave you feeling



Ella Langley


  1. hungover
  2. i blame the bar
  3. you look like you love me ft. riley green
  4. nicotine
  5. love you tonight
  6. better be tough
  7. paint the town blue
  8. cowboy friends
  9. girl who drank wine
  10. monsters
  11. people change
  12. closest to heaven
  13. cowgirl don’t cry (acoustic)
  14. broken in (acoustic)