Marz Fay has released a new EP called Melancholy in collaboration with BMG. Marz Fay’s six-track EP, crafted for film, TV, and digital media, offers an innovative and cinematic listening experience. Melancholy blends ethereal elements to transcend the conventional.

BMG praised Marz Fay‘s exceptional talent for crafting strong tracks and awesome hooks, highlighting the anticipated impact of her EP. Melancholy, set for release on April 5, explores the duality between joy and sorrow.

Marz Fay’s 6-track EP cleverly blends upbeat vibes with contemplative lyrics in the first half, and embraces darker, more profound themes in the latter half. This deliberate structure enriches the listener’s journey through Marz Fay’s exploration of melancholy, making it a relatable and immersive experience.

Marz Fay’s Melancholy EP explores the intricacies of love, loss, and self-discovery. The opening track ‘Easy to Fall out of Love’ is a lo-fi garage/pop song that beautifully captures the pain of heartbreak and insecurity. “Knees” is an emotionally charged track that blends trap and rock elements, exploring themes of betrayal and vulnerability.

Marz Fay’s Melancholy is a versatile and unforgettable listening experience. Its six tracks reflect her artistic insight into the human condition.

“I Need Somebody” is a hauntingly beautiful track that addresses the longing for connection and the realization of one’s vulnerabilities. Stream the full project below.