Sydney, Australia rockers Stand Atlantic have came out swinging in 2024 and declared war with their brand new single, “WARZ0NE.”

For the band, it serves as a hard-hitting anthem that is another milestone in what’s growing to be an impressive discography full of anthemic songs.

On the new song, Stand Atlantic’s Ronnie Fraser says via press release, “i have been advised many times i shouldn’t respond to hate comments online so i just wrote a song about it instead. i probably gotta work on this, but i think anyone who has experienced negative feedback that isn’t constructive or conducive for a respectful discussion can understand the unrelenting strength it takes to not absolutely rinse someone who has put their hate online and directed it at you. this song is just a fantasy for myself and anyone else who wonders what the hell those people would actually do in real life if they would ever say it to your face. which they wouldn’t because they’re cowards 🙂

Listen to “WARZ0NE” below.


Stand Atlantic recently impressed on stages across the UK/EU with Waterparks and are now full steam ahead in their journey towards being the No.1 alternative band of today.