Monica Martin has bewitched listeners all over with her brand of quirky and quixotic pop music since 2012. She fronted PHOX as the group quickly became something sort of a n indie phenomenon, whilst appearing at music festivals and even late-night television appearances. She even joined forces with Jeremy Larson (Violents) to release Awake and Pretty Much Sober back in 2017, before eventually relocating to Los Angeles and working on her own project later that year.

Monica Martin released her debut single, “Cruel,” back in the fall of 2018. Today, the Chicago-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songstress has released her follow up single, “Thoughtless.”

Expanding on the song, Monica Martin states “So many of us remain floundering idiots, drowning in a sea of golden rules, pearls of wisdom and blue-ribbon lifestyle recipes. The best I can do (so far!) is share the feedback loop that results from me trying yet again to apply any of it. ‘Thoughtless’ is a stream of consciousness of receiving wisdom and panic-laughing my way through actually applying it.”

“Thoughtless” and “Cruel” pave the way for headlining shows later this month at Los Angeles’ The Moroccan Lounge on January 15th and New York’s PUBLIC Arts on January 23rd. You can find tickets here!

Looks or new music coming in 2019 from Monica Martin.