Cincinnati, Ohio-native Michael Marcagi has just announced his signing to Warner Records today. The singer/songwriter has also unveiled his newest single — and first via Warner — “Scared to Start.”

“Scared to Start” has already received an overwhelming positive response via TikTok, driven by its bright guitars and steady tambourine-driven beat. On the new track, Marcagi explains  “Scared to Start’ is a song for the adventurers, the travelers, and the people who look forward without dwelling on the uncertainties of life,” Marcagi says of the track. “It’s about taking the risks and putting yourself out of your comfort zone, regardless of what the rest of the world has to say.

Listen to the new single below.

Marcagi recently made waves with his first solo single, the fan-favoriteThe Other Side.” Since its release last month, the track has gathered millions of streams and counting. Right now, he’s preparing more music for release in 2024.

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Michael Marcagi arrives with an emotional and engaging tale to tell. He emerges out of the heartland as an eloquent, artful songwriter and captivating storyteller with a whole lot to say.