Embark on a musical journey with Jay Putty‘s latest release, “On My Way,” a stirring folk-pop anthem that delves into life’s unpredictable twists and turns, celebrating resilience in the face of challenges. Building on the triumph of his previous hit, “The Best Days Are Yet To Come,” this new single is a testament to Putty’s exploration of life’s eccentric path, emphasizing that even amidst heartbreak, unexpected joy and opportunities await.

Reflecting on personal experiences, such as the artist’s house fire leading to a first date with his now-wife or the passing of his father inspiring him to live authentically, “On My Way” is a poignant narrative of overcoming adversity.

“In a way, if you’re breathing, you have the ability to move forward,” asserts Jay Putty. The track embraces the notion that life, though unfair, carves valleys that lead to greater heights for those who choose to persevere.

This empowering anthem weaves a musical tapestry with a diverse range of instruments, including acoustic guitar, ukulele, drums, piano, organ, bass, banjo, mandolin, and djembe. Written by Jay Putty, Michael McQuaid, and Maggie Cothren, the song was expertly produced, mixed, and mastered by Kevin Gates at Reach Audio. Already securing a sync placement on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, “On My Way” adds another accolade to Jay Putty’s impressive list of accomplishments.

With recent releases garnering hundreds of thousands of streams, Jay Putty’s music has found a home with prestigious brands like Ralph Lauren, Busch Gardens, and Draftkings. Now based in Nashville, this songwriter, hailing from a small town in Indiana, picked up a guitar due to sports injuries and has cultivated a devoted following by fostering genuine connections with fans.

An engaging optimist and empathetic soul, Jay Putty’s transparently vulnerable songs share experiences of love and self-reflection. Join the movement and let “On My Way” be the soundtrack to your journey forward.