If you love poker, then you are probably a very specific type of person. Many poker players are people who are focused on logic. They are math people who love probability and encountering the odds. Poker is all about weighing the odds and the risks that you will deal with. Plus, all that information will change with every single card played. 

Logic and constant deep thought play a serious role in poker, for many people emotions can make or break a game. Thankfully, there are plenty of movies that allow for these same feelings to come across the screen.

Many movies have plots designed to make you think. You get to watch a character or characters try to outwit one another and think logically. However, much like with poker, the emotions of characters tend to get in the way. Sometimes, a highly emotional act can disrupt the logic and turn the entire plot around.

Here are some movies that you might enjoy if you like poker! Whether the films are about poker or not, they do have strong storylines. Storylines that will keep you guessing from beginning to end!

Inception (2010)

This movie grossed over $837 million at the box office and is one of Christopher Nolan’s best films. It is a classic that was considered one of 2010’s best movies. It is still worth a watch and an analysis today. In the film, a thief named Cobb performs corporate espionage while invading people’s dreams. However, while people can steal ideas from a sleeping target, it is much harder to implant ideas into a subconscious mind. 

Cobb and his team are hired for this job anyway but quickly run into trouble. Not just from the mental defenses of the target, but also from Cobb’s traumatic past. This film will have your mind bouncing around as you try to make sense of the layered plot, characters, and overarching story. If you love poker, this film will give your brain a workout!

Interstellar (2014)

Continuing with films directed by Christopher Nolan, this movie focuses on the perils of space travel. It was the 10th highest-grossing film of 2014, and it was praised for portraying theoretical astrophysics correctly and entertainingly! If you can follow along with a poker game, you will be able to handle this movie.

In the film, Earth is dying due to a massive blight and famine. The last hope for Earth is a wormhole near Saturn that could lead to habitable planets. However, the team of astronauts that go through the wormhole quickly discover that space travel is much riskier than they thought.

Interstellar is a film that will have you following a lot of plot threads simultaneously. But it also has real emotional stakes and heart behind all the scientific logic, making it a very entertaining watch.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Poker is all about math and numbers, and this film has all of that in spades! A Beautiful Mind was directed by Ron Howard and details the life of John Nash, who was a Nobel Laureate in Economics. He was invited to the Pentagon in 1953 to decipher old enemy telecommunications, eventually being forced to decipher Soviet patterns in old magazines and newspapers.

However, this work starts to make him paranoid. As he tries to raise a family and forget about his old life, he is forced to make a choice. A choice that will affect them all and how Nash sees the world. This film might have you questioning your own mind, and it makes watching this amazing film all the more exciting. 

Shutter Island (2010)

Martin Scorsese directed this 2010 mystery film, and if you love poker then you will love this mystery! When a patient vanishes at a mental hospital, two detectives attempt to investigate. However, they soon find that their pasts and their trust in one another will be tested. All as they continue to hunt for the truth.

Shutter Island is a film that will have you reeling from the constant twists and turns. Much like a good poker bluff, you might find yourself believing the wrong information until the end!

The Sixth Sense (1999)

An M. Night Shyamalan movie will cause you to question things by the end. The second movie that he directed, the Sixth Sense was the second highest-grossing film of 1999. It sees Malcolm Crowe working with a young child as a child psychologist. When the child claims he ‘can see dead people’, Malcolm is forced to help him and deal with both his past and the present case to bring the boy help and confidence.

Much like any Shyamalan movie, the ending twist might cause some whiplash. To the point where it might be just as impactful as a royal flush in a high-stakes poker game!