Fresh off the Show Ya Grill Tour with Scotty ATL, Georgia rap authority T-Hood lends a verse to Richmond producer/engineer NayG on their “We Did It” follow-up “Spent Too Much.” The collaboration finds One Dread detailing his lavish lifestyle effortlessly over the VA native’s hard-hitting instrumentation.

When asked about his thought process when creating the record, NayG states: “This song made me come out of my element. Contrary to my traditional production style, I experimented with a darker more abstract sound this time around. My uniqueness has always been a defining factor throughout my career and I made no exception to the rule.”

Virginia native NayG began music production at the age of 19 in 2016 using FL Studio. Throughout his childhood, he was deeply intrigued by music and later played in the school band in middle as well as high school. In 2020, NayG produced for artists such as 1Play, AkEsko, and 4epJiggy. He also released his first single, “PumpFake.” Blending the genres of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Electronica, he is most known for his catchy melodies, intricate beats, and hard 808s.

Press play on “Spent Too Much” via United Masters after the jump below and watch his “For The Better” visualizer, taken off ‘The Wake Up.’