Silent Skies, the enchanting collaboration between Evergrey’s Tom S. Englund and pianist/composer Vikram Shankar, is back with their third studio album, Dormant, has been released on Napalm Records. This album marks a significant milestone in their career, showcasing a band on the verge of massive success.

With Dormant, Silent Skies continues to tread the atmospheric path of Scandinavian melancholy that they’ve artfully crafted on their previous full-lengths, Nectar (2022) and Satellites (2020). This latest offering is a mesmerizing blend of stunning piano melodies, atmospheric keyboards, lush soundscapes, and vocals that are both hauntingly beautiful and intensely emotional.

The standout track, “Churches,” is a testament to their mastery of creating evocative, emotionally charged music. It’s a captivating piece that draws you in with its ethereal beauty and leaves an indelible mark on your soul.

While “Light Up The Dark” might leave you yearning for a little more energy, it stands firmly on its own as a piece of art. Its subtlety and introspective nature provide a counterbalance to the album’s overall melancholic tone.

Silent Skies may not aspire to be the biggest band in the world, but they have carved out a unique niche in the music industry. They are poised to become the biggest band in their corner of music, with Dormant as a shining example of their artistry.

What makes Dormant truly special is the band’s fearless experimentation. They’ve expanded their sonic universe in every direction, pushing the boundaries of their own creativity. The result is an album that takes you on a journey through intricate details, diverse musical landscapes, and a wealth of profound concepts.

Dormant is more than just music; it’s a conversation with life itself. Tom and Vikram’s introspective lyrics and melodies invite you to explore the depths of your own consciousness. It’s an album that beckons your inner self to awaken, urging you to be present in the moment and take action.

At its core, Dormant is about finding stillness of the mind and soul, a sense of contentment, pride, and connection with your most authentic self. It’s an album that resonates with anyone seeking equilibrium and harmony in their life’s journey.

In their own words, Tom and Vikram express their dedication and enthusiasm for Dormant. This album is the fruit of 18 months of heartfelt labor, and it shows. They invite us to embark on this musical journey with them, one where the destination remains unknown, but the thrill of creativity propels them forward.

As listeners, we are fortunate to join them on this ride, relishing in the uncertainty of where their music will take us. Dormant is a testament to the power of artistic expression, a reflection of life itself, and an invitation to awaken together.

Must I continue? Dormant by Silent Skies is a masterpiece that showcases a band at the peak of their creative powers. It’s a mesmerizing journey through melancholy and introspection, filled with moments of sheer beauty. Silent Skies may not be the biggest band in the world, but they are undoubtedly the biggest in their corner of music, and “Dormant” is a testament to their artistic brilliance.