Today, TOMORROW X TOGETHER and Grammy Award-nominated pop-rock trio Jonas Brothers have released their collaborative new single, “Do It Like That.”

“Do It Like That” was produced by mega producer/OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder and is out just in time to be a summer dance anthem that explored the sheer thrill of infatuation. The two iconic groups’ breezy vocals alongside the bouncy, addictive top-line take listeners on a tropical getaway and make for an instant summer classic.

Upon releasing the track, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Soobin “Do It Like That” the “summer anthem of the year” and “a perfect soundtrack to summer.”  YEONJUN said, “I grew up listening to Jonas Brothers’ music so it’s very surreal that we had a chance to collaborate with them on this track. ‘Do It Like That’ has an infectious melody that’ll make everyone want to sing along” 

“‘Do It Like That’ is the first song we recorded in the States. So it was an exciting, new experience,” said BEOMGYU who also described the song as “a perfect song to listen to while cruising down the road.” TAEHYUN said, “‘Do It Like That’ is a special track for us. I would even call it ‘the collaboration of the year.’ My favorite part of the track is where Joe Jonas is singing a very fast-paced melody.” 

HUENINGINGKAI said, “It’s a song that you want to listen to when you’re headed on a trip with your besties or whenever you need to recall the happiest moments in your life.”

The collaborative single arrived with an accompanying music video featuring both bands. As soon as a film slate hits, the visual opens with TOMORROW X TOGETHER and Jonas Brothers dancing and vibing to the track. TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s playful dance moves and Jonas Brothers’ band performance, in addition to the dynamic use of close-up shots, encapsulate the infectious energy of the summer anthem.

Watch the music video below.