First Full-Length Album Set To Be Released on September 1st.

Seattle Alt.Pop band PRETTY AWKWARD has just released their latest single “Woozy,” which delves into the complex territory of Friends With Benefits relationships. The groovy and funky track explores the allure of reconnecting with an ex to fulfill a mutual need, even though the consequences can be toxic. The band’s first full-length album, titled Get Weird, is set to hit the shelves on September 1st.

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Austin Held, sheds some light on the inspiration behind “Woozy,” stating that it humorously reflects the type of relationships that young, misguided adults might find themselves entangled in. What may start as innocent young love can quickly evolve into an intoxicating and unhealthy “situationship,” making it hard for the main character to break away due to the sheer pleasure they find in the moment.

To complement the catchy tune, the band has also unveiled a captivating music video for “Woozy.” Directed by Nicholas Wiggins, one of the band members, the video was shot in various locations around their hometown of Seattle. The storyline follows a character named Mr. Woozy, taking viewers through a night of wild misadventures. Despite the darkness of the night, the video illustrates that even the craziest experiences can lead to brighter dawns. This music video marks a significant milestone for PRETTY AWKWARD as it is their first completely DIY release.

As the release of their debut album approaches, PRETTY AWKWARD is gearing up for a series of performances in the Northwest region, with a full tour scheduled to kick off in early 2024. Catch them at these upcoming shows:

– Thursday, July 27th – The Charleston – Bremerton, WA
– Friday, July 28th – Real Art Tacoma – Tacoma, WA
– Friday, August 4th – Mano Oculta – Portland, OR
– Friday, September 1st (Album Release Show) – Madame Lou’s – Seattle, WA

Austin Held and Nicholas Wiggins, the duo behind PRETTY AWKWARD, have been friends since their youth, growing up together in West Seattle. This long-lasting friendship shines through their music, reflecting their diverse musical tastes and influences. Their sound is a unique blend of cinematic keys, delicate guitars, and clever, catchy lyrics, drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres, including Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, and EDM. This eclectic mix results in a sound reminiscent of popular artists like Twenty One Pilots, OneRepublic, and Bastille.

What sets PRETTY AWKWARD apart is their refusal to conform to a particular style or sound. Instead, they let their music flow naturally, resulting in an unpredictable yet undeniable musical journey. From Alternative Rock tracks like “Misfits” and “Bored” to anthemic electronic influences in “Higher” and even touches of hip-hop vibes in “Bad Habit,” the band explores a wide sonic spectrum while still retaining their signature Pop moments in tracks like “Hang Out.”

The band’s authenticity and relatability have allowed them to forge strong connections with their fans. With a growing fanbase, PRETTY AWKWARD has been selling out shows in the Northwest and throughout the West Coast since their inception. Their music resonates with listeners, offering a level of relatability that allows each individual to interpret the songs in their own way.

In essence, PRETTY AWKWARD’s message is to embrace those awkward moments in life, as they are the moments of beauty and growth. Their music encourages listeners to relax, breathe, and chill, reminding us that life should be enjoyable. The band’s ethos revolves around enjoying themselves and creating music that reflects this sentiment.

As the release of “Get Weird” approaches, PRETTY AWKWARD’s star continues to rise, with “Woozy” serving as a perfect example of their infectious and captivating sound. So, get ready to embrace the awkwardness and dive into their musical universe. Connect with PRETTY AWKWARD to stay updated on their latest releases and tour dates, and join them on their journey as they make their mark on the alt-pop scene.