We already miss Workaholics the Comedy Central show created and written by Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, and Anders Holm. The series’ last season ended last March, and there’s been a hole in our comedy-loving hearts ever since. Lucky for us, the trio are still working together, and have teamed up with Netflix to release their latest project. This afternoon, the streaming service released the trailer for that new project, a film titled Game Over, Man!

Named after the late Bill Paxton’s famous line from Aliens, Game Over, Man! stars Anderson, DeVine, and Holm as waiters at a high-end hotel when it it taken hostage by gunmen. This would be distressing enough on its own, but the gunmen also have Shaggy hostage. The horror! The three take it into their own hands to save the day, a task they might not be completely equipped for. The trailer promises the same sense of off-beat, awkward humor that made Workaholics a huge success.

You can watch the trailer for Game Over, Man! now. The film will be released on March 23, almost exactly one year after the end of Workaholics.