Great bands create lore everywhere they go.

“Did you see _____ at ______? It was life-changing.”

That’s a band that will sell more tickets to their next gig.

“Yes, but did you see when they played ____?”

Now you’re really onto something.

Fit For A King has played The Intersection at least ten times since 2014, hitting each of the venue’s three performance halls at least twice. Fans in West Michigan have had front-row seats to the band’s rise in a unique way as a result. As time carries on, the group headlines bigger and better spaces, all within the same venue.

On March 1, Fit For A King finally headlined the main room.

People outside the midwest may not understand the significance of this moment. Music moves in waves, and the rock format hasn’t been at the forefront of the area’s live music scene for years. Fewer genre bands can sell the main room of The Intersection with each passing year, but Fit For A King is actively bucking that trend.

Better yet—they’re raising the bar for their peers.

FFAK’s Hell We Create tour finds a road-ready band taking a proven live show to the next level by utilizing multiple video screens, brilliantly orchestrated lighting, and just a pinch of live production magic. More impressive still is how Fit For A King elevates the show without losing the human element. Mistakes can still happen, and notes can still fall flat, but if you’re willing to give yourself to the music, you can get lost in the moment. 

That achievement is made possible in no small part by opening sets from Northlane, Alpha Wolf, and Kingdom of Giants, all of whom make an argument to become mainstays of the genre. 

For a band that has already done the impossible by lasting a decade without falling into genre tropes or alienating core fans with a drastic, more radio-friendly pivot, Fit For A King continue to defy the odds. If you want to argue that metal is due for a resurgence in culural significance, the Hell We Create tour is your proof.