While there is a sea of producers in today’s music, finding a producer with a signature sound is a dime a dozen. One of those rare producers sitting comfortably at the top of the mountain in today’s music is the established award-winning instrumentalist known as Nealante. While many may be unfamiliar with the name as he is often apart of the cast and not the star in the spotlight, Nealante is an essential asset to any recording artist’s creative team.

His production and engineering work is Grammy award-winning. He has a creative vision that accrued widespread fame. His style of engineering goes unmatched and has attracted not only mainstream artists but major film executives. As an engineer and sound mixer, Nealante received global recognition in 2022 for the Box-office hit movie Avatar: The Way of Water.

Born Eric Phillips, Nealante appears to be instantly trotting across the U.S. as he works with the biggest names in music alongside the most innovative producers in music, which helps him create, orchestrated, and solidify his technique.

A multi-talented entity, Nealante is a world-renowned engineer-producer whose resume not only includes megastars like Beyonce, Future, and The Weeknd, but many box-office hits, including Pacific Rim and Glass. But the success doesn’t go to the hit-makers head as he is steadily perfecting his craft, consistently working with superstars and, admirably, grooming signature sounds for music’s next big stars.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Nealante unveiled this week that he’s working on another new project that could be even bigger than Avatar. More on the story as it develops…

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