Biosyrup is a South Korean-based DJ/producer who has a style all his own. The emerging star’s new release, “Unity,” showcases this to a tee. Featuring smooth synths, vocals brimming with warmth, and unique drops with a modern flair built-in, his catchy combination of sounds acts as an infectious earworm. With no collaborating partners featured on this song, Biosyrup showcases his solo capabilities on “Unity,” holding nothing back.

Biosyrup is far from his first release. He boasts a thick catalog of singles built up, which gives more definition to the sonic journey he’s currently on. “Mist” and “Banshee” are two of his most popular works, having captured over 100K streams across the two. Biosyrup is motivated by a deeper belief system. His mission is to use the tool of music to bring about a deeper, more expanded connection with his music, providing both parties with a sense of fulfillment. In a live setting, for example, he’s fascinated with how ‘two becomes one,’ and the room is charged with connective energy, unlike any other part of life. This is where he thrives.

Biosyrup is just getting warmed up in 2023, with plenty of unreleased singles in the chamber and a determination to bring his vision of connection, through music, to as many that are willing to accept. Biosyrup is one to watch for many righteous reasons.

Stream “Unity” below, and afterward, feel free to follow Biosyrup on social media.